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2019 worklist



MMRC - #5 boiler removal of superheater and steam cyclone separator. 15th - August 2nd. 1 GF and 4 men on 6-10's. 



 August - 

Domtar Nekoosa - Moorhead has back to back boiler outages through the month of August, there will be approximately 7-9 men for 10's or 12's for a period of 3 1/2 to 4 weeks. This will be on a 5 day work week.



Schofield Domtar Biomass - Superheat changeout, starts the 16th for 2 weeks of 6-10's and 1 week of 5-10's. There will be 1 week of set up the week prior to the 16th . It will be 8-12 tube welders per shift with $40 a day sub.

Ashland Xcel energy - Baghouse bag replacement for Moorhead, starts the 16th for 2 weeks of 5-10's for 10 men with $60 a day sub.

Thilmany Kaukauna - #11 Boiler, studs, tube replacement, shields and casing repair. The 16th - 21st for 6-10's using two shifts on a 6-10 basis. 15 men per shift.



Nekoosa Domtar Unit 14 - 35 boilermakers per shift working 12's. Day shift starts on the 7th and ends on Thursday the 10th, night shift starts the 7th and end on the 9th. $65 a day sub. There will be a set up crew the week prior.

Thilmany Kaukauna - Digester work and pulp mill outage from the 6th - 10th. Men and hours TBD



Manitowoc Public Utilities - #7 boiler outage from the 8th - 14th. Men and hours TBD






Thilmany Kaukauna - #10 boiler gen bank replacement. 22 day straight through on 12's per shift for 15-20 men.